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Qualitative research / editor, David Silverman ; penyunting, Alysha Owen; kontributor, David Silverman, Ross Koppel, Joel Leon Telles, Anne Ryen, Jody Miller, Barry Glassner, James A. Holstein, Jaber F. Gubrium, Sue Wilkinson, Giampietro Gobo, Erika Cellini, Thomas S. Eberle, Christoph Maeder, Marie Buscatto, Katarina Jacobsson, Lindsay Prior, Jonathan Potter, John Heritage, Joanne Meredith, Johann W. Unger, Ruth Wodak, Majid Khosravi Nik, Susan Danby, Michael Emmison, Christian Heath, Tim Rapley, Nanna Mik-Meyer, Kathy Charmaz, Antony Bryant, Barbara Czarniawska, Mary Dixon-Woods, Libby Bishop, Anssi Peräkylä, Amir Marvasti.
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Jenis Bahan : Monograf (teks) (volume)
Kreator : Silverman, David (editor) - (Introducing Qualitative Research)
Owen, Alysha (editor)
Koppel, Ross (pengarang) - (Addressing Social Problems through Qualitative Research)
Telles, Joel Leon (pengarang) - (Addressing Social Problems through Qualitative Research)
Ryen, Anne (pengarang) - (Research Ethics: Between Care and Control)
Miller, Jody (pengarang) - (The 'Inside' and the 'Outside': Finding Realities in Interviews)
Glassner, Barry (pengarang) - (The 'Inside' and the 'Outside': Finding Realities in Interviews)
Holstein, James A. (pengarang) - (Interviewing as a Form of Narrative Practice)
Gubrium, Jaber F. (pengarang) - (Interviewing as a Form of Narrative Practice)
Wilkinson, Sue (pengarang) - (Analysing Focus Group Data)
Gobo, Giampietro (pengarang) - (Ethnographic Approaches: Types, Trends and Themes)
Cellini, Erika (pengarang) - (Ethnographic Approaches: Types, Trends and Themes)
Eberle, Thomas S. (pengarang) - (Organizational Ethnography)
Maeder, Christoph (pengarang) - (Organizational Ethnography)
Buscatto, Marie (pengarang) - (Practising Reflexivity in Ethnography)
Jacobsson, Katarina (pengarang) - (Analysing Documents through Fieldwork)
Prior, Lindsay (pengarang) - (Using Documents in Social Research)
Potter, Jonathan (pengarang) - (Discursive Psychology and Naturally Occurring Talk)
Heritage, John (pengarang) - (Conversation Analysis: Practices and Methods)
Meredith, Joanne (pengarang) - (Using Conversation Analysis and Discursive Psychology to Analyse Online Data)
Unger, Johann W. (pengarang) - (Critical Discourse Studies and Social Media Data)
Wodak, Ruth (pengarang) - (Critical Discourse Studies and Social Media Data)
Nik, Majid Khosravi (pengarang) - (Critical Discourse Studies and Social Media Data)
Danby, Susan (pengarang) - (Ways of Working with Video and Online Data: From Fieldwork to Analy)
Emmison, Michael (pengarang) - (Visual Research: Issues and Developments)
Heath, Christian (pengarang) - (Embodied Action: Video and the Analysis of Social Interaction)
Rapley, Tim (pengarang) - (Some Pragmatics of Qualitative Data Analysis)
Mik-Meyer, Nanna (pengarang) - (Multimethod Qualitative Research)
Charmaz, Kathy (pengarang) - (Constructing Grounded Theory Analyses)
Bryant, Antony (pengarang) - (Constructing Grounded Theory Analyses)
Czarniawska, Barbara (pengarang) - (Narrative Approaches to Social Science)
Dixon-Woods, Mary (pengarang) - (Systematic Reviews and Qualitative Studies)
Bishop, Libby (pengarang) - (Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data)
Peräkylä, Anssi (pengarang) - (Validity in Qualitative Research)
Marvasti, Amir (pengarang Writing Qualitative Research: Practice, Genre and Audience)
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The SAGE handbook of social media research methods / edited by Luke Sloan and Anabel Quan-Haase.
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Isi : Isi : List of figures -- List of tables -- Notes on the editors and contributors -- Acknowledgements -- 1. Introduction to the Handbook of social media research methods : goals, challenges and innovations / Anabel Quan-Haase and Luke Sloan -- Part I. Conceptualising & designing social media research. 2. What is social media and what questions can social media research help us answer? / Lori McCay-Peet and Anabel Quan-Haase -- 3. Big data -- hype or revolution? / Rob Kitchin -- 4. Building interdisciplinary social media research teams : motivations, challenges, and policy frameworks / Anabel Quan-Haase and Lori McCay-Peet -- 5. Social media users' views on the ethics of social media research / Kelsey Beninger -- 6. The role of online reputation management, trolling, and personality traits in the crafting of the virtual self on social media / Shuzhe Yang, Anabel Quan-Haase, Andrew D. Nevin and Yimin Chen -- 7. Social science 'lite'? : deriving demographic proxies from Twitter / Luke Sloan. Part II. Collection & storage. 8. Think before you collect : setting up a data collection approach for social media studies / Philipp Mayr and Katrin Weller -- 9. Overview -- the social media data processing pipeline / David M. Brown, Adriana Soto-Corominas, Juan Luis Sua´rez and Javier de la Rosa -- 10. The role of APIs in data sampling from social media / Dietmar Janetzko -- 11. Data storage, curation and preservation / Alex Voss, Ilia Lvov and Sara Day Thomson -- 12. Using social media in data collection : designing studies with the qualitative e-research framework / Janet Salmons. Part III. Qualitative approaches to social media data. 13. Small data, thick data : thickening strategies for trace-based social media research / Guillaume Latzko-Toth, Claudine Bonneau and Me´lanie Millette -- 14. Visuality in social media : researching images, circulations and practices / Martin Hand -- 15. Coding of non-text data / Diane Rasmussen Pennington -- 16. Twitter as method : using Twitter as a tool to conduct research / Bonnie Stewart -- 17. Small stories research : a narrative paradigm for the analysis of social media / Alexandra Georgakopoulou. Part IV. Quantitative approaches to social media data. 18. Geospatial analysis / Olga Buchel and Diane Rasmussen Pennington -- 19. Pragmatics of network centrality / Shadi Ghajar-Khosravi and Mark Chignell -- 20. Predictive analytics with social media data / Niels Buus Lassen, Lisbeth la Cour and Ravi Vatrapu -- 21. Deception detection and rumor debunking for social media / Victoria L. Rubin. Part V. Diverse approaches to social media data. 22. From site-specificity to hyper-locality : performances of place in social media / Nadav Hochman -- 23. Analyzing social media data and other data sources : a methodological overview / Frauke Zeller -- 24. Listening to social rhythms : exploring logged interactional data through sonification / Jack Jamieson and Jeffrey Boase -- 25. Innovative social location-aware services for mobile phones / Bernhard Klein and Ulf-Dietrich Reips. Part VI. Research and analytical tools. 26. COSMOS : the collaborative on-line social media observatory / Jeffrey Morgan -- 27. Social Lab : an 'open source Facebook' / Ulf-Dietrich Reips and Pablo Garaizar -- 28. R for social media analysis / Simon Hegelich -- 29. GATE : an open-source NLP toolkit for mining social media / Kalina Bontcheva -- 30. A how-to for using Netlytic to collect and analyze social media data : a case study of the use of Twitter during the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution in Ukraine / Anatoliy Gruzd, Philip Mai and Andrea Kampen -- 31. Theme detection in social media / Daniel Angus -- 32. Sentiment analysis / Mike Thelwall. Part VII. Social media platforms. 33. The ontology of tweets : mixed-method approaches to the study of Twitter / Dhiraj Murthy -- 34. Instagram / Linnea Laestadius -- 35. Weibo / Xiao Hu, Chen Qiao and King-wa Fu -- 36. Foursquare / Matthew J. Williams and Martin Chorley -- 37. Facebook as a research to
Jenis Bahan : Monograf (teks.) (volume)
Kreator : Sloan, Luke, (editor) (penulis.)
Quan-Haase, Anabel (editor,) (penulis.)
Penerbitan : SAGE reference
No. Panggil : 302.231 072 1 SAG
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