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Jenis Bahan Terbitan Berkala
Judul Special publication of the Directorate of Mineral Resources
Judul Asli
Judul Seragam
Pengarang Bache, J.J.
Sarno Harjanto
Yaya Sunarya
Direktorat Sumberdaya Mineral
Edisi 1995, No. 74, No. 81
Pernyataan Seri
Penerbitan [Bandung] : Directorate of Mineral Resources, 1995-
Deskripsi Fisik jil. : ilus. ; 30 cm
Jenis Isi
Jenis Media
Jenis Wadah
Informasi Teknis
ISSN 0216-0765
Subjek Mineralogi - Majalah
Catatan Yang diterima : No. 74 : Potential of some industrial minerals in Indonesia / by Sarno Harjanto ; No. 81 : The platinum group elements (Pt - Pd - Os - Ir - Ru - Rh) / by J.J. Bache, Yaya Sunarya
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