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Jenis Bahan Monograf
Judul Double mass analysis implemented on computer : a special problem submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of engineering in Water resources development / by Bisman
Judul Asli
Judul Seragam
Pengarang Bisman
University of Roorke
Pernyataan Seri
Penerbitan Roorke : Water Resources Development Training Centre University of Roorkee, 1998
Deskripsi Fisik 48 lembar : ilus. ; 29 cm.
Jenis Isi
Jenis Media
Jenis Wadah
Informasi Teknis
Subjek Disertasi akademik - Roorke (India)
Catatan Tesis (Magister) - University of Roorke, 1998
Bahasa Inggris
Bentuk Karya Bukan fiksi
Target Pembaca Umum
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