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Jenis Bahan Monograf
Judul East DOS it / PT. Superton
Judul Asli
Judul Seragam
Pengarang Superton, PT
Pernyataan Seri
Penerbitan [S.l. ; Superton, [19-?]
Deskripsi Fisik 33 hlm. ; 21 cm.
Jenis Isi
Jenis Media
Jenis Wadah
Informasi Teknis
Subjek DOS (sistem pengoperasian komputer)
Catatan Indeks
The Easy way to take control of your PC DOS system : Menu co in mands wipe away complilated keyboard mencuvers with the touch of a figer. Custom capabilities and built-in tutorial, too
Bahasa Inggris
Bentuk Karya
Target Pembaca
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