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Jenis Bahan Monograf
Judul Through Central Borneo: an account of two year travel in the land of the head hunters between in the years 1913 and 1917 / by Carl Lumholtz; with an introduction by Victor T. King.
Judul Asli
Judul Seragam
Pengarang King, Victor T
Lumholtz, Carl
Pernyataan Seri
Penerbitan Singapore : Oxford University Press, 1991
Deskripsi Fisik xix, 467 hlm. : ilus. ; 22 cm.
Jenis Isi
Jenis Media
Jenis Wadah
Informasi Teknis
ISBN 0195889967
Subjek Kalimantan Tengah -- Deskripsi
Catatan Indeks
Bibliografi : hlm. [xvii-xviii]
Bahasa Inggris
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